Calgary McCall update for the week ending February 7, 2014.

With another week coming to a close, let this update first begin by offering our office’s best wishes to all Canadians overseas in Russia at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Vancouver set an entirely new watermark for Canadian pride and nationalism, so we are once again expecting great things from our athletes.


Shifting back to provincial matters and provincial concerns, the Minister of Finance announced he will table the next budget (2014-2015) in the Legislature on March 6th 2014. Given the track record of the Redford government, we expect more “belt tightening” and restraints, though sadly not on her own travel or office budgets.


This past week has been a busy one for our office. Martindale held a regular community meeting, and we were happy to attend. Councillor Raj Jones updated board members on snow removal and development permits; but most importantly we learned that it’s almost spring and sport season for our young adults and teenagers alike. Keep posted to your community associations as to when community sports programs will once again commence.


Our office has fielded calls regarding Calgary Housing, WCB, income support and concerns regarding immigration matters at the federal level of government. As had been a longstanding policy of our office, we’re always here to help. Even when we cannot provide answers to your questions or concerns, we will point you in the right direction.


The Legislature returns on March 3rd, 2014 with the new provincial budget following shortly thereafter. My office has heard from concerned constituents on changes to their pensions, the wild horse slaughter, education and health care cuts and finally, issues with transportation and relevant regulations.


Have yourself a wonderful weekend, please stay warm and lastly, GO CANADA GO!


Thank you again,


Office of Darshan S. Kang, MLA

Calgary McCall

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Calgary McCall update for the week ending Friday, January 24, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen,


As another week draws to a close, thought it would be good for the office of MLA Darshan S. Kang to post a note to constituents about the week that’s now all but finished.


Although Mr. Kang was not present in the office this week (he’s been overseas) our office has been keep busy representing both Mr. Kang and our constituents at events all week long.


Monday evening Robb, our constituency manager was at the Falconridge/Castleridge Community Association’s ”Let’s Talk” forum where other community organizations were present to meet, greet and discuss concerns and field questions from residents. Although turn-out can always be better, we did learn a thing or two from area residents.


Wednesday brought a meeting with a constituent concerned with some neighbourhood issues and how we could help with the situation. Our office is quiet lucky to have a wonderful working relationship with the City of Calgary and the Calgary Police Service. So we’ve got the ball rolling in trying to help address the situation.


Later that day, my office attended the McKnight Blvd Study whereby the City of Calgary is again seeking input from all concerned about how to improve this busy traffic corridor for all.


Last but not least, our office has fielded questions and concerns regarding the wild horse slaughter, WCB, AISH, immigration related matters, Calgary Housing and everyday general calls, e-mails and tweets from constituents on a wide range of matters.


It’s been another steady week here at MLA Darshan S. Kang’s office. My. Kang will be back in the office the week of Feb 10 when he returns from overseas.


This however, does not preclude our office from helping with any questions, concerns from our constituents.


As always, please have yourselves a won derful weekend and call, e-mail, Facebook or tweet should we be of any assistance.


Thank you,


Constituency Manager and Executive Assistant to MLA Darshan S. Kang

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