Calgary McCall update for September 4, 2014.

Constituency Office update: September 4, 2014

Summer’s once again been a busy season for us all here at the Calgary McCall constituency office. First and foremost, our annual Calgary McCall Stampede breakfast was another big celebration and despite a small hick-up it was pulled off, once again without any issues! Thank you to all residents, constituents and friends who came out, volunteered and helped to make the morning such a celebration, year after year.

With the Labour Day long weekend, just recently finished, and all of us are back to the regular grind of our day to day lives, please remember that playground and school zones have now also changed. Both used to have different times and dates; whereas now both school and playground zones are 7:30 am to 21:00 pm daily.

Also of importance, we’ve been contacted recently with a few on-going issues in our community.


1)      Cost of living and no place to call home.

  1. Our office has been trying to help constituents facing a housing crisis. Sadly with a booming economy, tight demand (especially since last year’s floods) we’ve been having a very tough time. Even our conversations with different MLA offices and social agencies from across the province have had the same issues. Bottom line, it’s a tough rental market; prices are going up and there doesn’t seem to be any relief anytime soon.

2)      School spaces.

  1. Despite our best attempts (both with principals, school officials and trustees) students can only attend their designated schools. Due to a severe lack of spaces, more and more schools are also demanding (politely!) more than one proof of residence. With the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) facing upwards of 4000 new students a year, spaces are tight and the province has yet to build more schools; despite a severe lack of space.

3)      Infrastructure

  1. This post is mostly directly to our constituents in Skyview Ranch and RedStone. With all the ongoing construction and building occurring within your community, traffic, noise and dust has been an on-going concern. We’ve been in contact with Councilor Stevenson’s office and continue to keep the dialogue open. City Hall is continuously in contact with Qualico and the other stakeholders in the area to get everything done as fast and as safe as possible.

As always, it’s a great pleasure to serve all residents of Calgary McCall, please feel free to contact us if with questions, concerns or comments.



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Calgary McCall update for the week ending February 7, 2014.

With another week coming to a close, let this update first begin by offering our office’s best wishes to all Canadians overseas in Russia at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Vancouver set an entirely new watermark for Canadian pride and nationalism, so we are once again expecting great things from our athletes.


Shifting back to provincial matters and provincial concerns, the Minister of Finance announced he will table the next budget (2014-2015) in the Legislature on March 6th 2014. Given the track record of the Redford government, we expect more “belt tightening” and restraints, though sadly not on her own travel or office budgets.


This past week has been a busy one for our office. Martindale held a regular community meeting, and we were happy to attend. Councillor Raj Jones updated board members on snow removal and development permits; but most importantly we learned that it’s almost spring and sport season for our young adults and teenagers alike. Keep posted to your community associations as to when community sports programs will once again commence.


Our office has fielded calls regarding Calgary Housing, WCB, income support and concerns regarding immigration matters at the federal level of government. As had been a longstanding policy of our office, we’re always here to help. Even when we cannot provide answers to your questions or concerns, we will point you in the right direction.


The Legislature returns on March 3rd, 2014 with the new provincial budget following shortly thereafter. My office has heard from concerned constituents on changes to their pensions, the wild horse slaughter, education and health care cuts and finally, issues with transportation and relevant regulations.


Have yourself a wonderful weekend, please stay warm and lastly, GO CANADA GO!


Thank you again,


Office of Darshan S. Kang, MLA

Calgary McCall

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